Netkonsults Services is run by a team of professionals that have acquired a significant level of experience and expertise in diverse fields, with the collective passion to deliver values that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

Netkonsults Services Nig Ltd is a diversified trading, contracting, consulting and investments company founded in 2005 and registered in 2008 as a limited liability company.
We maintain strategic partner alliances to offer diverse services to our clients and customers in the public and private sector. The sectors we serve include, Energy, Oil & Gas, Banking & Financial Services, Media and Communications, Manufacturing and Retail, Government, and Heath.
As a result-oriented, customer-centric, and resourceful company, we provide high quality products and turnkey services and solutions,
Our approach and processes ensure responsiveness to our customer’s needs with a mindset to be innovative in delivering solutions/products with measurable benefits.
Our Philosophy.

We don't just offer comprehensive services.

We deliver the highest standard of products to customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Our clients and customers are our most important stakeholders.

Learn About Our Approach

Our Offer.

Netkonsults Services strive to foster the success of its clients and customers through the introduction of innovation to support service delivery.

Simply, we work to deliver products to our customers and services to our clients very quickly, efficiently, responsibly, and cost-effectively using our deep understanding of prevailing economic conditions.

  • We can deliver products of the highest quality at the most competitive price
  • We can help achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they may be.
  • We can assist to prepare for change and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • We can help you make smart decisions and implement innovative solutions.

How We Can Help

Our Core Values

We have three core values which form the basis for everything we do


We can be trusted to do what we promise.

Honesty —Honesty in our dealings with our customers, clients, partners, staff, and stakeholders, is at the core of how we operate. We owe it a duty to be fair in our dealings with our customers, business partners, clients, vendors, staff, and the public at large.

Accountability —We take responsibility and work assiduously to fulfil our obligations and honour our commitments to partners, customers, clients, vendors, and staff.


In order to remain relevant in today’s dynamic environment, organisations must innovate.

Value — We strive to continually deliver value to those we serve by constantly challenging the conventional, through new ideas and innovation.

Result — Our commitment to learn new techniques and proficiency in operational principles allows us to deliver exceptional profitability for our customers.


The strength of our firm lies in the professionalism, experience, motivation and direction of our people.

Empowerment —We continually empower our people in a mutually supportive environment, and in return, deliver better values to those we serve.

Stability — Our team has worked together for almost 10 years.

Diverse backgrounds — Our associates include CERTIFIED IT professionals, accountant, Public relations expert and seasoned journalists, Management and Public administrators, Real estate and construction managers.


To professionally provide result-driven, innovative services and solutions that act as a catalyst to empower and protect the diverse business interest of our partners and clients using best practices.


To be a globally recognised and trusted partner of our clients delivering services that create opportunities and adds value to their business, in a way that transcends the boundaries of how far we thought we could go.