Our history dates to 2005, when Netkonsults Services started as a business solutions provider to.

The mission was to help businesses have access to information and tools that would enthrone accountability and better process management to transform their business.

Many businesses who encountered problems in their business processes, approached Netkonsults Services for advice relating to their challenges. Over time, Netkonsults Services started getting flurry of request for advice on issues outside the scope of what we offered. With the increased requests, we expanded the service areas we cover to meet up with our growing clients' needs.

Netkonsults Services Nig Ltd was Incorporated as a limited liability company In February 2008 and started as a consultancy services firm and grew to become a diversified consulting, trading, contracting and investment company with a pool of certified professionals in varied disciplines.

Our Success in Numbers

Since inception, Netkonsults Services has flourished in numerous aspects:

  • The team has Tripled from four members to twelve
  • Over 100 Projects, services and solutions completed.
  • Over 48 clients served.

Milestones In Our History

Since 2008 we have built a company that has influenced how businesses operate.

The beginning

Netkonsults Started as a small scale business servicing the business needs of small and medium scale businesses.


Netkonsults Services Nig Ltd was officially formed and registered as a full-fledged limited liability company by The Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) "Services" in the company name embodied the aspirational culture of what the company aspire to achieve, providing "Services" that is valuable


As part of our effort to diversify, Netkonsults Services became a full-fledged consulting, trading, contracting and investment company.

Strategic Partnerships

To further deepen what we do, and broaden our market footprint, we partnered with leading companies in Oil and Gas, Media, and IT sector.

Continued Growth

We celebrated our 10 years of existence as a corporate entity on February 18th, 2018. And in commemoration, became defence contractors while strengthening other current areas of expertise.